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07 May 2007 @ 08:10 am
Well I am leaving.
Leaving some place for some other place is strange. It is extra strange if you have never been away from place A for more than a two week stretch (mostly).

lastnight I had a bath. It was luxurious and wonderful. It will be the last hot bath (or shower) I will behaving (after tomorrow morning that is) for 3 months, so I have been told. There is no hot water there. I dont suppose I will miss it much seeing as how it is so hot and humid... but still, it is the principle.

Who knew that bridges would have so much to offer, cool and warm. Cloaking for clandestine creation. painting and fumes and beer produced from backpaks (magically still ice cold) and stories from junkies in the middle of the humid sticky summeritme. You know I will miss it.. the way that sandy castle frank dirt stuck to my sun lotioned ankles and the paint caked my nostrils so that when I blew my nose it was whatever colour my fill was....let it not be silver..beacause that was the worst. dodging syringes under there doesnt seem glamorous but it is.... if you are in the know...I never finished that one piece... you know the one.. it was going so well but it got too dark....I hate when that happens... and the cap sticks to my finger cause the overspray is so thick.

I had this dream the other night.. there was a little blond girl.. long blond hair, like a bougereau...all covered in tattoos of lillies, she must have been five or six...I was in a white dress and so was she.

I dont know...There are so many things worth saying on an occasion like this that it becomes so hard to say the ones I really mean... the essential ones that have made up almost every summer night for the last ten years. Ill miss those half drunk bike rides down to the lake to swing on my own... watching the QEW traffic blurs and greenish clouds on the Roncesvalles bridge. Ill miss the heat from the Parkdale sidewalks and the vortex of a patio. Everything and nothing happened there.

I dont know when Ill be able to update again. I have a stop over in Detroit for a few hours so maybe then depending on how retardedly expensive the wifi in the airport is. I also stop in Japan but I dont get off the plane. I will only have internet at work once I am in Iloilo and I have been told it can be a little choppy. There are not many land lines in the Philippines, everyone has cell phones instead so untill I get a local SIM card I won't be making calls...I dont even know if my phone will work there. I assume it will but who knows... So my point is...you might not hear from me for a little bit but Ill do my best to let people know I am still alive.

There are lots of other things I want to write about but right now....this is enough.

I love this city and I will miss my friends with all my heart.
I do already.

the leaves came out while I was in Savannah. Everything is green now.

(Cue night time bikeing photo that i do not have right now)
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